We’ve started with a simple belief; every home should have access to #affordable & #ecofriendly Household Appliances.

Welcome to Tectone,

Welcome to Tectone, where innovation meets legacy. Embarking on one of Türkiye's most ambitious standalone projects, we've set out to redefine the home appliance manufacturing sector. Starting from scratch, Tectone carries the weight of a grand vision — to transform households globally with unparalleled products. Our endeavor isn't just about scale or sophistication; it's about reshaping everyday experiences. And while our journey might be new, our foundation is robust, backed by Can Holding, one of Turkey's paramount corporate giants. Dive in, and discover the Tectone difference.

Our Brands:

Tectone in Numbers

We have an encompassing 2,000,000 m2 of indoor space in 2 countries. We are one of the largest Home Appliances, Consumer Durables and Consumer Electronics companies of the EMEA region with an export capacity of 54 Million units/year.

2,000,000 m2

Total Indoor Space

(In 3 Diffrent Locations)

54 Million Units

Production capacity

14,000 +

Staff & Employees

(In the Period of 5 Years)

$10 Billion


(In the Period of 5 Years)

Worldwide Markets

What We Offer?

Tectone delivers unparalleled efficiency, wide range of products, and assured quality in home appliance manufacturing.
Partner with us for a seamless, optimized business experience.

Wide Product Range from Single Entity

As the largest appliances manufacturer in the EMEA region with a capacity of 54 million unit/year, we can meet almost all household appliance needs, including white goods categories, as well as TVs, small appliances, microwave ovens, electric vacuum cleaners, etc. and produce bundle orders to meet our customers' mixed solution needs.

Product Configuration Freedom

Through user-friendly applications we've developed, we offer customers the freedom to customize their products’ features/specs, visualize how their chosen product will look, and see the costs of equipment and features they need.

Logistic Cost Advantage (15 km from factory to port)

Our production facilities are located just a 30-minute drive from Turkey's largest global port, Mersin Port. This allows us to save time and money in shipping, providing our faster and more competitive solutions to our customers.

2% FoC Spare Parts (Worldwide)

Tectone offers FoC free spare parts equivalent to 1% of your purchase invoice. This global commitment ensures product reliability and sustained trust, reducing downtime for businesses and customers everywhere.

OEM & ODM Digital Design Marketing Support

In addition to offering specific branding solutions for our customers' brands, we provide comprehensive digital marketing services to help them promote their products in the market.

Optimized Quality Assurance

We minimize quality issues with multi-layer quality control processes both on the production line and with finished products. We also use AI to analyze quality reports, proactively preventing future problems.

Optimized Lead Time Guarantee

Instead of manually managing production, storage, and shipping processes, we use custom AI optimization applications to ensure products are manufactured and shipped as quickly as possible.

Comprehensive In-house Manufacturing

We carry out all major processes and critical component manufacturing in our own facilities. This not only enables us to offer more competitive prices but also protects our production from potential supply chain crises.

Strong After Sales Support

With dedicated teams created specifically for after-sales service, we efficiently address specific regulations, service needs, and spare parts supply in all global markets.

About Can Holding

As a proud subsidiary of Can Holding, Tectone draws inspiration from a legacy that began in 1955. Spearheaded by two generations of family leadership, Can Holding has thrived across domains like Consumer Electronics, Household Appliances, FMCG, and more, including esteemed institutions like Istanbul Bilgi University and Doğa Koleji. At its core, Can Holding's vision is simple yet profound: elevate lives globally through outstanding products and services.

Our Founder

Seventy years ago, Zamanhan Can laid the foundation for Can Holding, turning it into a pivotal player not just in Türkiye, but globally. He passed on a legacy of global responsibility and citizenship to subsequent generations.

Guided by the principle, "Everyone on earth is our neighbor," Mr. Can championed the spirit of global unity. We've embraced diverse cultures, people, and regulations, erasing geographical boundaries through our ventures in trade, technology, education, and health.

Tectone Leadership

  • Soner Baburoglu

    Soner Babüroğlu

    GM, Export

  • Özgün Öztunç

    Özgün Öztunç

    Director, Legal Affairs

  • Bayram Tuncer

    Bayram Tuncer

    GM, Factories

  • Yetkin Yazıcı

    Yetkin Yazıcı

    Director, Marketing

  • Duygu Gülaçtı

    Duygu Gülaçtı

    Director, Supply Chain

  • Zafer Metin

    Zafer Metin

    Director, Finance

  • Turgay Yeşiltoprak

    Turgay Yeşiltoprak

    Director, TV Factory

  • Osman Agah Demirtaş

    Osman Agah Demirtaş

    Director, SDA Factory

  • Mustafa Şahin

    Mustafa Şahin

    Director, Accounting

  • Ahmet Meran

    Ahmet Meran

    After Sales Manager, Domestic Market

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